Moon Rising (Wings of Fire #6)

Title: Moon Rising

Author: Tui T. Sutherland

For centuries, the NightWings have misled the other dragons about their mystical abilities. Recently, thanks to the dragonets of destiny, everybody now knows it’s all a lie. But Moonwatcher is a NightWing who very much has the ability to read minds and see the future, abilities she keeps secret at her mother’s request. As one of the new students at Jade Mountain Academy, she wants nothing more than to blend in and try to make a few friends. It isn’t long, though, before her powers might be needed. Someone is causing trouble, and dragonets are dying . . .

Although technically book 6 in the Wings of Fire series, this volume starts a new arc with a new group of dragons. Moonwatcher is young, shy, and having trouble with her first few days at school—a predicament made more interesting by the fact that she can hear what everyone around her is thinking. Many of the dragonets from the previous books show up, but more in the background, as this is Moon’s story more than theirs.

I enjoyed the humor, like when Tsunami finding out she has brothers, or most of Kinkajou’s enthusiastic approach to life. I especially liked the whole “pets are a responsibility” speech given when the dragons are discussing Winter’s scavenger (ie, human) pet.

Overall this is a good start to a new arc, and a good place to jump in if readers haven’t gone through the previous five yet. The plot sets up a new prophecy, a new danger, and a new band of unlikely companions out to save the world. I rate this book Recommended.


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