Covenant’s End (Widdershins Adventure #4)

Title: Covenant’s End

Author: Ari Marmell

Her return to Davillon is nothing like the homecoming she imagined. Widdershins stumbles right into several surprises her old enemy Lisette has set up—and realizes to her horror that Lisette is after much more, this time, than merely tearing Widdershins apart. All of Davillon is in chaos as the Houses, the Guard, and the Church are fragmenting under the weight of new supernatural terrors. Lisette has had a year to become entrenched in what used to be Widdershins’s world. And time is running out . . .

Well. This is the capstone of the series, and it certainly pulls out all the stops. Widdershins doesn’t find it an easy homecoming by any means. The people she left may be glad to see her, but they’re also hurt by her abandonment. I liked how she has to work it out with Robin particularly. Robin has always been weak, been broken, but her anger drives her into different places.

And I like how oblivious Widdershins is in general to the various ways people feel about her, especially romantically. She’s so wrapped up in her god Olgun that even though she deeply cares for certain people, it isn’t at a romantic level. And given her life, that’s totally understandable. Frankly, I wish more books (ESPECIALLY young adult books) focused less on making the main character fall in love with someone. Because that plot line gets really old fast for me. It’s exciting to find a young character who doesn’t mind being single and isn’t portrayed in a bad light because of it.

I was also extremely amused every time Evrard shows up. Widdershins has a special way of bringing out the worst in him at the same time she’s bringing out his best.

There were a few plot threads from the third book—the civil unrest, the new archbishop—that I had hoped would have a somewhat greater focus here in order to make the third book’s beginning more relevant to the series. It is mentioned, but not a lot. I still wish Widdershins could have met the archbishop, as that’s the only large thread I felt stayed dangling.

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I won’t say too much about the ending other than it was perfect. There’s even an author afterwards which explains some of why it went the way it did, which was interesting insight, and I totally agree with what Ari said. The themes, the characters—everything pointed to this. Four books encompassed a lot for Widdershins, and although I would love to see more, the story couldn’t be what it is without this ending.

Overall I’m very, very glad I found the book review that pointed me to this series. The action is that over-the-top awesome I love about superhero movies, but the story also embraces the humanity of its characters. This is one of those series that I’m recommending to everyone I know who likes to read. I rate this book Highly Recommended.


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