False Covenant (Widdershins Adventure #2)

Title: False Covenant

Author: Ari Marmell

Six months have passed since Widdershins brought down a demon and lost two of the people closest to her. Six months since the archbishop’s death caused Davillon to go under sanctions imposed by the Church. Six months of a long, slow decline for just about everyone in the city, including Widdershins herself.

Then a supernatural evil starts stalking the streets, and once again Widdershins is in the center of everything, like it or not . . .

So many sequels flounder after an excellent beginning. This is not one of them. Widdershins is still dealing quite naturally with the outcomes from the first book: attempting to run a legitimate business with the tavern and grieving the loss of her friend Genevieve and father-figure Alexandre. The story here is more linear, but the diverse points of view among the wide cast of characters keeps the plot just as tense.

Widdershins is just as funny as before. Her habit of speaking before thinking causes more trouble than even her god Olgun can fix, and her relationship with him is as lively as ever. I loved the several scenes where she gets to show off the limits of the divine-human relationship they have going.

I also really liked how understated the romantic relationships are. Widdershins falls in love, and remains oblivious to the feelings of those who have loved her all along. The main focus remains on the action, the strain in various relationships, and the way Widdershins is trying to get enemies to become friendly enough to work together before all of them get eaten.

Overall this is still pushing the series in new directions while maintaining everything I loved about the first book. I rate this book Highly Recommended.


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