Thief’s Covenant (Widdershins Adventure #1)

Title: Thief’s Covenant

Author: Ari Marmell

Adrienne Satti has had a life of losses and unexpected second chances. She was born into poverty, adopted into nobility, and somehow never far from the life of a thief. But something changed the night she escaped a massacre. Someone wants her dead. And it’s going to take all her wits—and the help of a resident god—to slip out of this one . . .

Fast-paced action, gripping scenes, and multiple layers of mystery start this book off strong. The wry descriptions fit right in with Adrienne’s  (aka Widdershins) personality and add to the humor in the dialogue. Mostly her lines. And her relationship with Olgun consistently cracks me up. He’s pretty involved in her life, for a god, but also has a rather lofty view of himself that Widdershins tends to insult knowingly or unknowingly much of the time. They have the kind of bickering friendship that invokes plenty of laughs.

I liked the way scenes kept jumping around to show different pieces of her life. (Tip: makes a lot more sense when you actually read the text on top of each chapter telling you what time period the following scene is taking place in.) It’s a good way of showing the important details without needing to fill in the more mundane “how we got from A to B” stuff.

I was also pleased with how the swearing delves more into innovative insults than traditional swear words. Again, funny book, which helps balance out some of the darker and more gruesome aspects of the plot.

Overall this is something that went on my to-buy list after reading, and is definitely one I would like to read again. I rate this book Highly Recommended.


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