Lion (The Five Ancestors: Out of the Ashes #2)

Title: Lion

Author: Jeff Stone

Ryan is determined to beat his dependance on dragon bone, but the weather has other plans. When rain wipes out his usual mountain bike trails, an unexpected opportunity surfaces to learn road biking with his uncle in California. But road biking isn’t all that he and his friends find in California. Old enemies, new races, and unexpected ties to ancient China . . .

This book shifts the focus from the cyclocross and mountain bikes in Phoenix to road biking. And the sport is different enough to be an interesting change.

Ryan makes an interesting lead. He’s rich enough to not care about money, struggling to keep the friendship of Phoenix and the rest, and suffering from an insatiable need for dragon bone. But dragon bone, much as he hates it, is boosting him to astonishing physical levels. No one’s really sure if he can quit, given how much of the stuff he’s been taking, but he’s desperate for any chance to be free.

Like the first book, this is a fast-paced adventure and an enjoyable read. The only thing I didn’t care for was that this group of bad guys also wants to make Phoenix and his friends race for them (exactly like the last book), so that part felt a bit contrived. Overall, though, I rate this book Recommended.


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