Starfire (The Guardian Herd #1)

Title: Starfire

Author: Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

Once every hundred years, a star appears in the sky. Once every hundred years, a black pegasus is born. If the black pegasus survives, on his first birthday he will inherit the star’s fire and become the most powerful pegasus in all five herds, able to heal or destroy.

Star is the black pegasus. His herd has always been divided about his presence. Some feel he is a harbinger of disaster, while a few hold out hope that he will be the healer his mother believed. For Star, who cannot fly, it’s hard enough dealing with life on the ground, let alone all the rumors that he will not be able to stop himself from turning evil.

This was an interesting read. The pegasi have horse-like behaviors, such as their herds and various bits of body language, but they are indeed a very aerial species, and flight is a big part of their culture and lifestyle. Star’s youth helps ease in the explanations of much of what’s going on, such as the annual migration, because it’s new to him too.

Fair warning: there is a bit of violence, and though I don’t think it’s excessive it may disturb more sensitive readers. These pegasi have territories and defend them, and that usually means with hooves and teeth.

I also liked the emphasis on not feeling bound to play the same game as those who wish you ill. It is possible to change the rules, and Star discovers the hard way things may not be as black and white as he thinks they are.

Overall this was a good story, which ties up well but sets up for a sequel. I rate this book Recommended.


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