Moonkind (Winterling #3)

Title: Moonkind

Author: Sarah Prineas

Fer hoped to settle down to a quiet life with her grandmother and her people, but her troubles are far from over. The oath she required of the Lords and Ladies who had hunted the pucks was one they found impossible to fulfill—and now that they are Forsworn, consequences inevitably follow. As their oaths were to Fer, it’s up to her to make things right. But can she convince them before everything is lost?

Given what Fer made them swear, it isn’t surprising the Lords and Ladies found her request both intolerable and impossible. She does realize eventually that the oath was a mistake, and it would have been better to convince them instead of force them to avoid the glamories.

Fer and Rook’s relationship is opposite now what it used to be: now she’s the one not trusting him, and he’s trying to prove himself to her. Now, when it matters more than ever, Rook finds Fer can only see him as a puck, not a friend. The other pucks still give Rook a hard time about Fer, but they are pucks, and dedicated to each other.

Sarah Prineas has a gift for writing powerful endings, and that shows up again here. I was particularly fond of what happens to Fer and the pucks . . . it’s certainly a promise of trouble to come, at least for everyone around them.

Overall this is a good finale, though I wouldn’t mind seeing more in this world. Fer went farther than a lot of other characters in faerie stories I’ve seen, but there’s still a lot of room for her to grow and explore. I rate this book Recommended.


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