Winterling (Winterling #1)

Title: Winterling

Author: Sarah Prineas

Fer has always had a wild side, which is constantly at odds with her grandmother’s strict control of her life. But when Fer stumbles across a dog that is far more than a dog, he calls her to another world. For all her delight at being in this new place, Fer can also sense something is terribly wrong. But can she find out what, and what to do about it, before something worse happens?

After the delight that was The Magic Thief, I was more than ready to dig into the next series by Sarah Prineas. Winterling is an urban fantasy which explores the faerie realms. I was surprised and pleased that small bits of lore like turning your clothes inside out to become invisible was included, but the story chooses which bits of tradition it embraces. The overall atmosphere is ethereal; the magic stays suitably mysterious even when Fer begins to grasp she knows more than she realizes. Fer’s ignorance of the new world she’s entered is a key point of tension. Rook, thankfully, steps in to provide the reader with the knowledge Fer is lacking (though he rarely tells her anything).

Rook is one of the highlights of the story. A puck bound by oath to serve a false Lady, he’s always trying to find ways around what his oath compels him to do. Fer never really gets what a puck is, or why everyone dislikes him, and she treats him like a friend, which baffles him. Their relationship forms despite Rook’s aversion to the whole idea.

The story arc almost felt too short, by the end, but I suppose that’s what sequels are for. Fer has formed an interesting set of alliances and it will be good to see where those take her. I rate this book Recommended.


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