The Magic Thief: Home (Magic Thief #4)

Title: The Magic Thief: Home

Author: Sarah Prineas

Home isn’t quite home anymore. Conn is having a difficult time adjusting to Wellmet: Rowan wants him to be the ducal magister, the other wizards are convinced he’s stealing their locus stones, and someone has a word out on him in Twilight. But all Conn wants to care about is the magic. Ever since he made a place for Arhionvar in the city rather than driving it away, Wellmet’s magic and Arhionvar have been mixing strangely. Conn wants to settle it—he may be the only one who can. But that means finding the the time and space to do what he must. . .

I am very glad this turned out to be four books, not three. The third book ends so very well, but the characters aren’t DONE. This, finally, settles some of the things Conn has been wrestling with since the very beginning of the first book: who is he? Where does he belong? What is his home? The questions take on a special significance now, now that everyone but him has his own place, and Conn is left feeling too much a gutterboy for the palace, too civilized for Twilight, too disrespectable for the mages. Neverly, who has never cared what the other mages think, even agrees it’s best for Conn not to stay at Heartsease after a particular event.

And this is also an interesting time of growing up for Conn as well. He’s always been used to doing things alone, even after Neverly rescued him from the streets. He’s somewhat reluctantly had help in the previous three books doing whatever he was wanting to do, but for the first time he’s truly doing things alone. It causes him to realize how much trouble he can get into without someone at his back, and that he doesn’t care to be the loner anymore.

I still think the third book is the highlight of the series, but without this one it would be incomplete. The important questions are answered, some loose threads from clear back to the first book finally tie up, and it has that satisfying sense of resolution combined with an open future. I would love to see another set of stories in this world, perhaps when Conn is older, but for now this is an excellent finale. I rate this book Recommended.

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