The Magic Thief: Found (Magic Thief #3)

Title: The Magic Thief: Found

Author: Sarah Prineas

Conn knows the city of Wellmet is in danger. He’s met the evil magic Arhionvar and fought it off once. Arhionvar has already moved against Wellmet to weaken it, and if he and the other wizards can’t figure out a way to shore up Wellmet’s magic soon, Arhionvar will win any contest. But the wizards haven’t even believed Conn that Wellmet’s magic is alive, much less that something like Arhionvar could even exist. And Conn is technically not even allowed to be in Wellmet anymore. Determined to do something, Conn goes hunting again for a locus magicalicus. But what he finds will be more than he expected . . .

Conn is getting desperate for a locus stone, and his attempt to find one—as usual—doesn’t work out the way he expects. And it doesn’t just go wrong, it goes spectacularly wrong in front of the whole city. Which means it’s a good thing Conn’s going traveling again.

I doubt it’s a spoiler to say, since it’s on the cover, but dragons do show up in this book, which was a nice surprise. Conn’s known about dragons since the first volume, but only from the painting that was in his room, and Neverly told him they were extinct. Now he gets to see them firsthand, and I love what the story does with them. The book offers a unique take on what they are which not only fits perfectly in with the story but continues to tease with mystery.

I refuse to spoil the ending, but it is my favorite part of the entire series so far. Conn’s way out of his twisted-up mess is spectacular. The imagery, the emotion, the events—yes, yes, yes. I know I’m in love when immediately after finishing a book the first thing I want to do is re-read it.

I am extremely glad there is a book 4, as this one leaves me wanting another adventure quite badly. I rate this book Highly Recommended.


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