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Scrapped Princess

Destiny is not an easy burden to bear. But typically, destinies consist of heroes faced with impossible tasks, feats utterly beyond all but the Chosen One (and possibly a few friends). But what if it were different? What if your “destiny” was to destroy the world?

Pacifica Cassul is on the run. A prophecy at her birth announced she was the poison that would destroy the world when she turned 16, and so, despite being a princess, her father immediately ordered her put to death. Unfortunately, the “scrapped” princess has survived in an adoptive family, and she’s getting close to her 16th birthday. Her adoptive brother and sister are determined to protect her. But can they survive when everyone who meets them wants them dead? And what if Pacifica really will destroy the world?

I originally saw the series several years ago and decided to re-watch it. Pacifica can be a somewhat hard person to like: she’s selfish, spoiled, and somewhat bratty, but she’s also open and caring, eager to make friends with others even though most of them end up betraying her or leaving once they find out who she really is. Her dark fate bothers her more than she usually lets on, and she, more than anyone, is clueless how someone as unskilled and powerless as her could possibly destroy the world. But the fact that other people believe it is enough to get her wondering. In the end, it almost doesn’t matter if she really does have that power, because the sheer force of everyone else’s belief would provoke trouble.

Shannon, her brother, has assumed the lead in protecting his little sister. And his story arc is my favorite part of the show. It doesn’t take long before he’s offered the opportunity to wield greater power than he ever imagined, and after he says yes all of the complications ensue. Unlike Pacifica, his doubts are more open, his struggle visceral. And, of course, he’s the highlight of some of the best fight scenes in the show.

Other characters don’t get as much time, though I am glad the series keeps its focus mostly on Pacifica and Shannon rather than wander into mini-arcs detailing everyone else. I also love Zefiris. Anyone who introduces herself by make, model, and serial number has immediately gotten me amused, and her lack of emotions is an interesting contrast to Shannon’s explosive emotions.

The plot starts somewhat slower, but as the fateful day draws near the dangers pile up, and after about the halfway point it’s hard to put down. The show starts in a decidedly fantasy bent, but there are numerous sci-fi elements. I particularly love how terrified Shannon, Raquel, and Pacifica are of sliding doors (which probably do seem a little freaky if you’ve never seen a door move on its own before in your life).

I’m not sure if this is available streaming anywhere; the DVDs look like they’ve gotten a little pricy. But if you have the opportunity and haven’t seen this, do try. The 24 episodes are a complete story, the animation is beautiful, and the unusual plot mostly succeeds. I rate this Highly Recommended.